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The Maru Montero Dance Company’s goal is the same for all events, large and small—we strive to inspire the community and spread our important message of education through dance, enrichment through culture. Please consider supporting the National Cinco de Mayo Festival® this year. No donation is too small to bring this event to life as we honor our Hispanic culture.

For Your Support, Muchas Gracias!

Become a Friend of the Maru Montero Dance Company
Gold Friends: $500
Sponsor a child! Your gift will enable a family to send their child to an entire semester of classes at the Maru Montero Dance Company. Each year, sponsors like you provide scholarships for children who would otherwise be unable to afford our culturally enriching classes. Help a child in the community learn through dance today.

Silver Friends: $250
Honor Hispanic culture! With this gift, you will enable us to purchase an authentic costume for one of our Company members. Help us bring the delight of our rich culture to audiences across the region.

Bronze Friends: $100
Support a dancer! Equip one of our Company members with one of the most important tools they need: shoes. Your gift will help a child dance their way to physical wellness while learning important skills such as self-discipline and team work.



Corporate & Foundation Supporters



El Zol


Amigos de Oro ($500)

The CENTECH Group, Inc.

District of Columbia Commission
on the Arts and Humanities

Aisha Davis, DESHO Productions

Freddie Mac Corporation

Luis Vasquez

Gilbert and Jaylee Mead Family Foundation

Eugene and Agnes Meyer Foundation

Washington Post Foundation


Amigos de Plata ($250)

Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

Capital Community Health Plan

Fannie Mae Foundation

Fiesta Travel

Kerri Ann Kattar Memorial Fund, Inc.

Maryland State Arts Council

Miranda Foundation

Montgomery County Arts Council


Prince George's County Arts Council

Washington Hispanic newspaper

Hispanic Link

The Global Forum

Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs


Amigos de Bronce ($100)

DC, Commission on the Arts and Humanities

Freddie Mac Foundation

MAYA Advertising & Communications


In-Kind Support

Ms. Marcia Annis

Mrs. Pat Bonacorda

Ms. Jann Darsie

Mr. Bryan Dawson

Mr. Daniel Howard

Ms. Sara Linstron

Mr. Garrett MacKenzie

Mr. Timothy McCarthy

Mr. Richard Messick

Ms. Lourdes Palafox

Rev. Connie Paulsen

Ms. Kathleen Rappel

Ms. Mim Rosen

Mr. David Rubenstein

Ms. Gema Sandoval

Ms. Hanita Schreiber

Mr. Calvin Smith

Mr. John Weaver

The Cultural Alliance

Mexican Cultural Institute

Jose Dominguez

Lalo and Penney Lagos

Dini and Phillip and KARASIK
and McCullough LLC

Eldebrook Methodist Church

Sterling Scroggins

Washington Performing Arts Society

El Zol, 99.1

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority



Individual Donors

Mrs. Bertha Aed

Mr. Mitchell Aed

Mr. Marco Alvarez

Ms. Judy Annis

Jaime Bordave

Ms. Renée Brand

Ms. Candice C. Bryant

Mr. Magno Caballero

Dr. Oswald I.

Ms. Marcy B. Fink Campos

Mr. Ricardo E. Campos

Mr. Fernando Casillas

Ms. Mattina Celeste

Ms. Mary Jane Cox

Silverio Coy, J.D.

Mr. Amparo F. Creager

Ms. Barbara M. Donnellan

Ms. Georgia Dvornychenko

Ms. Marina Fanning

Sorrel Fisher

Ms. Rosa Maria Fontanez

Mr. Simon Gonzalez

Ms. Maggi Salgado Gordon

Ms. Linda Greenan

Mr. Patrick J. Hayes

Ms. Linda Horn

Mr. Lansing Joralemon

Mr. Stephen Katz

Ms. Linda Katz

Ms. Gloria Silvestre Khokhar

Mr. Charles Krevertz

Ms. Penney Lagos

Ms. Judith L. Landis

Mr. Humberto L. Lizarraga

Mr. Abel Lopez

Ms. Brendolyn
McCarty Jones

Ms. Elena Marra-Lopez

Mrs. Patricia N. Marshall

Mr. Jesus Medrano

Mr. Gilberto Meza Retana

Ms. Lourdes Miranda

Hon. William D. Missouri

Mr. Eckart Mitzlaff-Crüwell

Mrs. Diana Molineaux

Mr. Paul Molineaux

Mr. Jay Morley

Mrs. Mary Morley

Mr. Robert B. Morley

Dr. Gustavo A. Nava

Mr. José Pertierra

Mr. Michael Remez

Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez

Ms. Marion L. Rosen

Mr. Howard Ross

Ms. Kathryn Seddon

Mrs. Anita Seline

Ms. Lilian J. Sotomayor

Ms. Lorraine A. Underwood

Mr. Richard J. Washington

Ms. Andrea J. Washington

Mr. Douglas Wheeler



Photos: MMDC Dance Company, Dance DC Festival 2006, Imagination Photography, Courtesy of DCCAH.

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